What Makes Huawei Sound a Sound Investment for Your Home?

What Makes Huawei Sound a Sound Investment for Your Home?

Speakers have been considered a thing of the past with messy meshes of wires. However, wireless speakers have become the next best thing for listening to your favorite songs. Among those innovations is the Huawei sound that is packed with numerous cool features. You might be thinking if you should buy one or not. Let’s begin our journey to answer this question.

Why Should You Choose Huawei Sound?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose the Huawei sound over its competitors.

Dashing Exterior with Amazing Looks

The Huawei Sound is available in a glossy black color exterior that makes it looks quite stunning. Owing to its premium exterior and portability, it can be placed at the center of your living room. The Huawei Sound is around 2.2 kg which is a bit lighter as compared to its counterparts. Besides that, the top section of the speaker possesses a reflective coating that gives it a more modernized look. It also has touch buttons for controlling some playback options. Besides that, the outer periphery of the touch panel has an inbuilt LED that allows users to look at the sound level. The whole LED is turned red when the Huawei Sound is muted. Apart from that, the whole casing of Huawei Sound is dust as well as splash resistant that making it resistant against any damage.

Sound Features and Performance Excellence

The Huawei Sound is fitted with three tweeters and a 4-inch Woofer that are arranged such that you can enjoy the 360-sound experience. With the Devialet collaboration, Huawei has incorporated a push-push based mechanism that is equipped at the top of the Huawei Sound. The same mechanism is fitted with the proximity sensor that allows you to continue to share the music playback from your smartphone to your speaker. The supportive version of Bluetooth is 5.0 and has an extended wireless transmission range.

With the inclusion of the Ai Life application, you can get additional music presets that include Vocals, Hi-Fi, and Devialet SPACE Soundstage. Besides that, you can also adjust the bass based on your preference and choice.

Power Requirements

The Huawei Sound makes use of the main power supply for its functionality. Apart from that, you will get a power adapter along with the cable that will help you to plug the Huawei Sound into the main socket. The charging socket is available on the bottom of the speaker where you can also easily tuck the charging cable when you are charging the Huawei Sound.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Huawei Sound is a true masterpiece speaker that allows its users flexibility and ease of use. It is portable and can be placed anywhere with a live power socket. With the collaboration of Devialet, the Huawei Sound speakers have been added with an innovative push-push touch panel. It can be used to control certain physical features physically. Apart from that, the Ai Life application integration gives you substantially more control over your Huawei Sound speakers. Huawei Sound is a truly remarkable speaker that makes you experience sound like never before.