A brief introduction of Fuyuhiko

A brief introduction of Fuyuhiko

Fuyuhiko is a fictional character of an adventure game based on a visual novel, which is Danganronpa 2. The full name of the character is fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. He is basically an academy student. The name of the academy is Hope’s Peak Academy or is also known as Hope’s Peak High School. The academy or the school is located in a big city in Japan. This academy is the center of the city and that’s why it is a very famous institute. Fuyuhiko is the third most important character in that visual adventure game, Danganronpa 2 in 2014. It is commonly called Tritagonist Character, derived from the ancient Greek theatre drama concept. This character also returns in Danganronpa 3 with his academy’s batch, Class 77-B. The objective of their return was to completely explore the academy life of Hope’s Peak Academy. In this article, you can read all the features and attributes of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu.

Basic info and background of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu:

As we know that this was the third most important character of the game. He managed to survive from the Mutual Killing’s island life. After survival and getting into the real world, he decides to reside in Jabberwock Island. Then he appears in the Danganronpa 2 as the resident of the Jabberwock island and as an heir of Japan’s biggest yakuza clan in the universe, which is the Kuzuryu clan. But the Kuzuryu clan didn’t believe in the abilities of Fuyuhiko. They thought that he had not the proper qualities of clan yakuza. But, Natsumi was thought to be better than Fuyuhiko, who was his younger sister. She refused to be the leader of the clan, in courtesy and love of his brother. Fuyuhiko also has a childhood friend Peko. She was his age fellow and they were both raised together. Then later peko served as personal assassin of Fuyuhiko.

The appearance of Fuyuhiko:

He is a smart, slim, and lean guy with a tough and rude attitude. In contrast with his attitude, his face was childish. And others often used to describe him as a babyface. He also has a small birthmark on the right side of his chin and under the right corner of his lips. The sides of his nose have freckles. His eyes color is golden and his hair color also resembles that. He has blonde hair that is overall rough cut and two shaved lines are drawn on one side of the head, that are parallel at one end while curved at the other end. He wears a small and tailored-fit black two-piece suit with a silver lining. With this suit, he wears a white shirt. The tie is black with some printed animal skull.


Fuyuhiko is a rude and tough guy. His behavior is often manipulative and abusive to anyone who comes to meet him. He does this so that he can compensate for his childish body and face structure. But, he is a one-man-army, who can deal with any emergency situation alone. And for this purpose, he does not require the support of any friend.