3 Key Tips On How To Wear A Sundress

3 Key Tips On How To Wear A Sundress

A sundress, also known as a summer dress, is an informal or casual dress usually made from lightweight fabric like cotton and is normally loose-fitting. You can wear a sundress in warm weather as most people do. Sundresses are intended to be comfortable and good for everyday wear. This post discusses style tips and tricks you can apply and how to wear a sundress correctly.

How to wear a sundress

Putting together an outfit with your sundress is not as challenging as most people assume. However, it is common for a person to make mistakes when they wear a sundress. The following tips will keep this from happening;

1.      Wear a sundress with the right shoes

A significant part of styling your sundress is choosing the right shoes. Remember that sundresses are primarily worn in warm weather or summer. Therefore, the shoes you wear also need to be suitable for this weather or season. Therefore, open shoes are often an ideal choice to pair with sundresses.

But note, your choice of dress will determine the shoes you wear. For instance, the color of your dress will determine the color of the shoes you pick. You can pair your summer dress with a pair of heels or flat shoes, depending on your preference. However, the last thing you want to do is wear a sundress with long boots.

2.      Get the right accessories

Accessorizing is a significant part of creating a complete look. Therefore, before you wear a sundress, it would be wise to determine the right accessories. You can accessorize your sundress with a pearl headband or a ribbon on your hair. These accessories are great for summer fashion. You can also accessorize your sundress with a necklace, but your choice of the necklace will depend on the dress’s design.

For instance, the dress’ neckline will determine the right necklace design. You can also add hoop earrings to make your outfit playful and befitting the summer season. Bracelets would also make great accessories for sundresses. Ensure not to go overboard with the accessories, so they do not take away from the beauty of the dress.

3.      Ensure to wear a fitting sundress

Fitting is key for sundresses. The best sundress should be perfectly fitting in the chest area. On the other hand, they are usually loosely fitting at the bottom. Such a dress will give you a perfect warm-weather look. While sundresses are intended to be short, your length choice depends on you. However, the trick is to ensure that the longest length you go for is comfy on you. You can also wear a sundress that goes beyond your knees. In such cases, it would be best to go for one with a slit or extremely light material to keep you cool.


When picking the right sundress, it would be wise to go for bright colors. Bright colors make a fashion statement in warm weather. Patterns are also usually quite trendy in summer. Therefore, your summer dress or sundress may also feature some patterns. However, please do not overdo it with the colors when picking your colorful sundress accessories.